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Unagi Kabayaki 200gm
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm
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Unagi Kabayaki (日式蒲燒鳗) 200gm x1 pkt

Unagi Kabayaki (日式蒲燒鳗) 200gm

Unagi Kabayaki might be one of Japan's most beloved dishes. This grilled eel drenched in thick and sweet soy sauce makes anyone's mouth water. The most popular way to prepare Unagi is in the form of Unadon, which consists of a hot bowl of rice with the unagi on top. Plain and simple but incredibly tasty.

nett weight 200gm per packet ( include sauce)

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Unagi Kabayaki (日式蒲燒鳗) 200gm x1pkt