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Monge Superpremium Cat Can Food- Monge Fruits & Mono Protein
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 7 cm x 6 cm
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Monge Monoprotein Monoprotein Superpremium is a unique line of Monge offer. The high quality of products is guaranteed by the use of raw materials selected and tested specifically for each recipe, without dyes and artificial preservatives.
Each food will be a real pleasure for cats thanks to the use of the highest quality fresh meats and the presence of ingredients
specially selected for their nutritional properties. Flavor recipes will surely find their fans of a sophisticated palate that will help to keep your cat in shape, full of energy and willingness to play.

Complementary food for cats with delicious chicken and pineapple , with all the features of the highest quality products: the taste comes from fresh, top-quality ingredients with high nutritional value, rich in Omega 3 and protein, and low in fat. The product is completely natural, in its own sauce, without dyes, preservatives and gluten.

They perfectly help to maintain good condition, freshness and energy every day.

Made in Thailand.

- for adult cats

- with a tasty and appetizing chicken

- low fat content. Good energy balance

- rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, cares for the condition of the skin

- not tested on animals

Feeding instructions: 2-3 cans meet the daily requirements of an average cat's weight. Served at room temperature or heated. Store in a refrigerator after opening. Do not give the product too cold.

Always leave fresh, clean water available to your pet.