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MAOEAT Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil Physique Care 50ML
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Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
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│產品特色 Product Features│


補充飼料欠缺的omega-3,找回好體質,改善肌膚問題, 一滴毛孩胃口開,一瓶壞體質ByeBye。

✔ 減輕搔癢

✔ 保護肌膚

✔ 增強體質

天然來源成份 好吃!好餵!毛孩最愛!

Fish oil and lecithin help to improve the whole body function and healthy skin cell rejuvenation. It is important to replenish the nutrient lost in food such as Omega-3, EPA and DHA. A drop a day keeps your vet away! Reduce skin itchiness Enhance skin protection Improve body immunity Natural source ingredients. So yummy and delicious! Furkid's favourite!


Our Concentrated Omega-3 (EPA + DHA) Fish Oil Physique Care has certified safe to feed by SGS.


Suitable For 

不分年齡 犬貓通用

Cats & dogs of all ages

│產地 Place of Origin│

100%台灣研發製造 100% Made in Taiwan

│建議用量/日 Recommended Intake / Day│

*滴管吸取1次為1份 *1 Dropper = 1 Serving

狗狗:每2kg使用1份 (2kg 1份、4kg 2份,以此類推)

Dog: one serving per 2kg in weight (2kg - 1 serving, 4kg - 2 servings, and so forth)

貓咪:每2kg使用1/2份 (2kg 1/2份、4kg 1份,以此類推)

*滴管吸取1次為1份 Cat: Half serving per 2kg in weight (2kg - 1/2 serving, 4kg - 1 serving, and so forth)

│內容量 Volume│ 50ml/瓶bottle

│保存期限 Validity Period│ 2年(


2 years (Recommended to store in the refrigerator immediately after use or opening)!!!